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Can you share a defining moment or work that inspired you to begin your journey in art? How do your influences
shape your work today?

A defining moment in my artistic journey was when I embarked on a trip around the world to learn about different cultures and their social struggles. This experience inspired me to use my art as a tool to address global issues and empower women. My influences, from studying Fine Arts at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague to training with renowned painters, have shaped my work today by instilling in me a passion for creating art that goes beyond conventional expression and aims to make a significant impact on the world.

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Can you take us through your creative process? How do you go from an initial idea to a finished piece?

My creative process is a blend of intuition and deliberate exploration. I start with an initial idea or concept inspired by my experiences and observations, then I experiment with different materials and techniques to bring that idea to life. I often incorporate various textures such as papers, embroidery, fabrics, sand, cement, and sustainable materials to add depth and vibrancy to my work. It's a fluid process where each step informs the next, ultimately leading to a finished piece that not only expresses my thoughts and emotions but also resonates visually with the viewer.

Every artist faces challenges. Can you discuss a significant challenge you have encountered in your artistic career and how you overcame it?

One significant challenge I faced in my artistic career was finding a balance between expressing myself authentically and creating something aesthetically pleasing. As someone who paints to express myself, it was important for me to stay true to my artistic vision while also considering the visual appeal of my work. Overcoming this challenge involved experimenting with different techniques and materials until I found a harmonious balance between self-expression and visual allure.

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How has your art evolved over the years? Are there specific phases or changes in your work that you can share?

My art has evolved significantly over the years, reflecting my personal growth and changing perspectives. Initially, my work was primarily focused on self-expression and exploring different mediums. However, as I delved deeper into social issues and the power of art to effect change, my focus shifted towards creating art that addresses global issues such as sustainability and gender equality. Each phase of my artistic journey has been marked by experimentation, exploration, and a commitment to using art as a catalyst for positive change.

What do you want people to feel or understand when they look at your work? Is there a personal message or theme that you are trying to convey through your art?

When people view my work, I want them to feel inspired, empowered, and connected to the world around them. Through my art, I strive to convey messages of sustainability, gender equality, and the beauty of diversity. My personal message is one of hope and resilience, encouraging viewers to think critically about the world we live in and the role art can play in shaping a better future.

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Additionally, through my "Laura Notari Art Foundation," I aim to make a tangible difference in the lives of disadvantaged children by providing them with access to artistic resources and mentorship programs through initiatives like PaintUp!. This program fosters creativity and self-expression, empowering young artists to explore their potential and contribute positively to their communities.

Furthermore, I'm excited to announce the upcoming international art exhibition, "Harmony of Humanity: Art for Change," opening on March 2nd at 14:00 at my studio gallery. This exhibition will showcase artworks from 14 artists that reflect the power of art to inspire change and promote harmony among diverse cultures. It's an opportunity for viewers to engage with thought-provoking pieces that challenge perspectives and spark conversations about pressing global issues.

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